Plan S – links, commentary and news items

The discussions around Plan S are voluminous. On 8 February 2019, the opportunity to provide feedback on Plan S closed.

We were attempting to maintain a list of commentary and news stories on Plan S at the end of one of our blogs: Most Plan S principles are not contentious. This grew so large that we moved the list into this dedicated blog.

As of 01 April, new links have not been added due to resourcing issues – however, let us know at if we have missed anything from the period 10 February – 01 April that should be added.

Please note that there is a list on the Open Access Tracking Project using the tag “oa.plan_s”  which is crowd sourced and updated in real time, so is more comprehensive than this effort. There is also a comprehensive Reddit list curated by Jon Tennant available. A smaller list (but with different links) is also available.

Relevant documents from Science Europe

Commentary, news stories & press releases

These are presented here in reverse order of publication (most recent first).

Commentary in 2018

Published  10 February 2019
Compiled by Dr Danny Kingsley
Creative Commons License

6 thoughts on “Plan S – links, commentary and news items

  1. Also note:

    Science Europe’s Plan S: making it work for all researchers. A commentary by the British Academy, published 16 November 2018

    A commentary from the British Academy on ‘Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S’, 7 February 2019

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